Mushroom Magic Kit- 2lbs. Sterile Growing Media

  • Mushroom Magic Kit- 2lbs. Sterile Growing Media
  • Mushroom Magic Kit- 2lbs. Sterile Growing Media
  • Mushroom Magic Kit- 2lbs. Sterile Growing Media

Mushroom Magic Kit- 2lbs. Sterile Growing Media


 All-In-One Kit Turns Spores To Mushrooms In 3-4 Weeks!

This is the absolute BEST mushroom spawn bag available!  


Here Are The Simple Reasons:


1.) Our Bags Have Injection Ports

We could buy the cheap bags without the injection ports at 1/5th the price, but they do NOT work anywhere near as well.  Do you have a laminar flow hood?  Well if you don't you better not buy the cheap bags without ports.  The reason is that the bags suck in air through the 'piece of tape' when you inject the bag with our competitors product.  This means a huge chance for contamination.  They will tell you to just 'tape it up', and quite frankly it is a recipe for disaster unless you have some very serious equipment. 

2.) Our Bags Have High Quality 2 Micron Filters:

Most customers don't know this but the 5 micron filter bags our competitors use allow mold, mildew, and bacteria spores to go through them.  This means that while you may get lucky and not have a problem, you are leaving your mushroom bag open to contamination that may ruin the whole bag.  Our bags have 2 micron filters that filter EVERYTHING and ensure no problems.  These bags cost us more money and are harder to sterilize, but they work out for you!

3.) We Use High Quality Substrate: 

We mix grains, straw, aged cow dung, stevia, and other items to make your grow bag colonize like CRAZY! We also mix in some vermiculite and pH balancing agents that produces the fastest mushroom growth you've ever seen!  Bird seed alone often has mixed hydration levels that results in inconsistent results, and although it works well, it can't hold a match to our custom substrate blend.

4.) Our Bags Include Casing:

Our custom 'Mushroom Magic Bags' include a built in casing layer.  This allows for proper mushroom pinning and results in much quicker turn around time.  We are the only supplier out there including this critical feature!  Have you created a pasteurized or sterilized casing before?  If you haven't, you will likely need one to actually create mushrooms once you have your spawn bag colonized.  This process is hard for beginners and often results in contamination or requires complex fruiting chambers that include a lot of extra work, money, and steps that could cause problems.  Stop wasting your time considering other bags and simply buy our kit that allows for growing the mushrooms properly RIGHT IN THE BAG!!!  If you don't have a built in casing layer, you will have poor results trying to grow right in the bag.

5.) We Include More Substrate For Less Money:

Our bags feature over 2lbs. of mushroom substrate, as compared to one pound bags at similar prices by competitors.  This means higher yield and our average 2lb. bag produces over 3oz of cracker dry mushrooms or 1.8lbs. wet. (this varies by mushroom species).

6.) Includes Spray Bottle And Written Instructions:

No need to go out and source any other items.  It's all included in this all-in-one mushroom growing kit.

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